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Objectives / Programme committee


The organizer : 3AF

3AF – Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France is the French society of reference with regards to scientific and technological expertise in the field of civil and military aviation and space.

Thanks to its High Scientific Council, its technical committees and to the organization of numerous national and international conferences/symposia, 3AF promotes the latest scientific and technological findings.

Our Missions

Bring together people on scientific and technical issues with the aim to:

  • Create links between peers
  • Produce excellence
  • Convey our passion
  • Clarify aerospace scientific and technical challenges, put forward our expertise, and make proposals to decision makers
  • Represent our members within the French, European or Overseas corresponding organizations
  • Promote aerospace and encourage young people to join the domain
Technical committees
  • Engineering/Science: Aerodynamics – In flight testing Materials – Propulsion (both Space & Aeronautics) Structure – Environment – On Board Energy – Optronics
  • Aerospace Platforms: Commercial Aviation – Light Aircraft – Helicopters Missiles – UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
  • Space Transportation (Launchers & Exploration Vehicles) Space Exploration (Missions & Payloads)
  • Transversal: Strategy & International Affairs – Business Intelligence – History – Intellectual Property & Rights Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena

Find more information on our corporate website.

Objectives / Programme Committee

Following seven editions of growing success, 3AF - Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France, and Agencies, ESA, CNES, DLR and ASI are pleased to announce:



The eighth of a series of international conferences on technical and programmatic aspects related to the development and application of Space Propulsion technologies.

The SPACE PROPULSION Conference is the international forum supporting the preparation of future activities and roadmaps in all the fields of space propulsion.

The programme of the event highlights programmatic and technical issues and promotes exchange of views and information in the two main areas of propulsion for spacecraft and for space transportation.

More than 700 professionals from over 30 countries are expected either in-person or on-line, gathering engineers and scientists from government, university and industry.

This event is a unique opportunity to discover innovative solutions and implement fruitful exchanges between colleagues of different countries and disciplines.

SPACE PROPULSION 2022 will be organized around:
  • An opening day dedicated to plenary sessions and round tables during which agencies’ general directors, industry, integrators and equipment manufacturers will be invited to speak;
  • Up to 4 days dedicated to technical presentations and plenary sessions;
  • A hall reserved to sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their know-how and innovation and spotlight technical results, technologies and research. For optimum visibility during the event, this exhibition space is situated at the heart of the conference center;

All participants will have access to a dedicated webapp and smartphone application, enabling them to:

  • Access all plenary sessions LIVE, with interactivity tools
  • Access all technical sessions in REPLAY
  • Network with participants and organize live and virtual meetings.

For IN-PERSON Speakers and Participants: get the best of 2 worlds!

  • Enjoy the in-person experience at ESTORIL for quality meetings and networking opportunities
  • Catch up on sessions you could not attend through our REPLAYS available 6 months
NB: All Speakers are required to attend in-person event. No remote presentations aloud.

For REMOTE Participants: access all the presentations from the comfort of your office

  • Plenary sessions will be streamed LIVE during the event.
  • All technical sessions will be recorded, and available on REPLAY a few days after the event.
  • Use the app to network; request online meetings and discover our virtual exhibition.
NB: New specific fee for the online participation





2 Technical Committees are working together in order to cover all the specific topics discussed during the Space Propulsion Conference:

  • Spacecraft Propulsion Technical Committee
  • Propulsion for Space Transportation Technical Committee

Jamila MANSOURI (ESA), Dominique RIBEREAU (ArianeGroup) and Giorgio SACCOCCIA (ASI & 3AF), as Conference Chairs, will oversee the technical content prepared in order to offer to the SP2022 Participants the more efficient, attractive and up to date programme regarding the recent advances in the field.

Spacecraft Propulsion Technical Committee

Mariano ANDRENUCCI, SITAEL S.p.A., Italy
Jérôme ANTHOINE, ONERA, Toulouse, France
Prashanth BANGALORE VENKATESH, Agiles Space Industries, Durango, United States
Joe CASSADY, AEROJET, Arlington, United States
Michele COLETTI, TAS-UK, United Kingdom
Ian COXHILL, MOOG, United Kingdom
Alain DEMAIRÉ, OHB Sweden, Kista, Sweden
Wilhelm DINGERTZ, BRADFORD, Solna, Sweden
Olivier DUCHEMIN, Safran Aircraft Engines, Vernon, France
Mark FORD, ESA, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Roberto FORMARO, ASI, Italy
Alberto GARBAYO, AVS, Aylesbury, United Kingdom
Jose GONZALEZ DEL AMO, ESA, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Stephen GOODBURN, AIRBUS SAS, Toulouse, France
Stefan HÄSSLER, ArianeGroup GmbH, Lampoldshausen, Germany
Shohei KOGA, IHI Aerospace, Japan
David KREJCI, Enpulsion, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
Chiara MANFLETTI, TUM, Munich, Germany
Jamila MANSOURI, ESA, Paris, France
Ideo MASUDA, JAXA, Japan
Jordan MURRAY, Benchmark Space Systems, St. Albans, United Kingdom
Taiichi NAGATA, JAXA, Japan
Denis PACKAN, ONERA, France
Markus PEUKERT, OHB System AG, Germany
James POLK, James Polk, Pasadena, United States
Arnau PONS LORENTE, Purdue University, United States
Garri POPOV, RIAME, Russia
Norbert PÜTTMANN, DLR, Germany
Alberto ROSSI, CNES, Toulouse, France
Giorgio SACCOCCIA, ASI, Italy
George SCHMIDT, NASA, United States
Toru SHIMADA, Jaxa, Japan
Julien VAUDOLON, Exotrail, Massy, France

Propulsion for Space Transportation Technical Committee

Francesco BETTI, AVIO, Italy
Sébastien BIANCHI, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies, Sassenage, France
Adrien BOIRON, Nammo Raufoss AS, Raufoss, Norway
Laurent BOUAZIZ, Arianespace, France
Didier BOURY, ArianeGroup, Saint Médard En Jalles, France
Jérôme BRETEAU, ESA, France
Helmut CIEZKI, DLR, Hardthausen, Germany
Emanuela D'AVERSA, ASI, Italy
André FUESER, ArianeGroup, Germany
Jean-Christophe HENOUX, ArianeGroup, France
Stéphane HENRY, ArianeGroup, France
Nobuhiko KUMADA, MHI, Japan
Serguei MOSSOLOV, Keldysh Centre, Russia
Koichi OKITA, Jaxa, Japan
Marcello ONOFRI (PR), University of Rome (Sapienza), Italy
Gérard ORDONNEAU, ONERA, Palaiseau, France
Guillermo ORTEGA, ESA, The Netherlands
Ulf PALMNÄS, SSC, Trollhattan, Sweden
Mario PESSANA, TAS, Italy
Gérald PIGNIER, ArianeGroup, France
Lilian PREVOST, CNES, Toulouse Cedex 9, France
Dominique RIBEREAU, ArianeGroup, France
Vladimir SUDAKOV, NPO Energomash, Russia
Yann TALAMONI, ArianeGroup, France
Marc VALES, Dassault Aviation, Saint Cloud, France
Martin VELANDER, GKN Aerospace, United Kingdom
Gilles VIGIER, 3AF, Lainville En Vexin, France
Riheng ZHENG, Chinese Society Astronautics (CSA), China

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