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Our Sustainable Commitments



Working together for a more sustainable conference!    

At 3AF, we believe that in-person meet-ups and conferences have no equivalent when it comes to networking and sharing expertise. However, in parallel to the highly positive scientific and business impacts generated by these events, we are also increasingly aware that organizing such a large scale event – gathering over 500 people from around the world – creates a negative impact on our environment.

We wish to act and take timely action! We – organizers – are now committed to shift the way we think this upcoming 2024 edition, making more sustainable choices that will reduce our negative impact, while maximizing the positive upturns of the conference.

Today, we share OUR SUSTAINABLE COMMITMENTS, the tangible decisions and actions taken to organize this event with 4 key guidelines :

Rethink, Reduce, Recycle, Resonate.

As we commit to shifting our habits, step by step, edition after edition, we encourage our stakeholders – partners, providers, exhibitors and participants – to follow our lead.

Together, let’s make this 2024 edition more sustainable, serving as a milestone for years to come!

Click below to discover our sustainable commitments…and how YOU can contribute !!


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